A leading provider of special hazard fire protection, VANEX FIRECO protects a company's most critical operations.

Industrial manufacturing, healthcare, computer server rooms, communication hubs, electrical power generation, oil refineries, research and testing facilities--in all, we protect companies in 33 states and on 4 continents.

For 39 years customers of VANEX FIRECO have experienced the highest level of expertise and flat-out great service in the fire industry.

  • Design: With tons of experience, we are one of the few fire companies that has a full-time special hazards engineering staff--we can help fast!
  • Installation: VANEX FIRECO becomes part of your project team.  We can handle any single part or the entire installation process.
  • Service & Inspections: VANEX FIRECO customer service is second to none. When you call us, we respond 24/7. It's that simple.

Remove any one of the 4 elements and a fire can't burn!

Fire Tetrahedron



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