Foam systems typically are used in areas where high levels of fuel or other flammable chemicals are stored. Foam is environmentally safe and is engineered for specific applications.

AFFF  Chemguard


HI-FOG is the world leader in hi-tech PURE WATER based special hazard fire systems. 100% Safe, 100% Green, and 100% effective.

​HI-FOG is able to protect some of the most volatile hazards around: engine test cells, electrical power generation and transmission, paint booths, large IT Data Centers, machinery spaces, commercial food preparation, and more. 

How can water do all this? HI-FOG fights fires using a small amount of water to create a three-dimensional mist (fog). Using high pressure and specialized spray heads, the water is disbursed in very small droplets. Remarkably, this greatly increases the surface area of the water. This fog absorbs heat, quickly cooling the fire and the surroundings. It also blocks the radiant heat and eliminates the oxygen from the seat of the fire.

Marioff  HI-FOG


Nitrogen is an environmentally acceptable, people compatible fire extinguishing agent for vital facilities with a wide range of hazards.

Nitrogen operates as a fire suppressant by reducing the oxygen concentration to a point at which the fire will extinguish, while remaining at a level acceptable for human exposure for a short period of time.

KIDDE  Nitrogen         

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Stored in cylinders at room temperature, high pressure CO2 is extremely versatile. As a standalone system, it can be located in a rack near any hazard. It can also use a series of selector valves to protect numerous hazards at once.

Most high pressure systems have a reserve bank of cylinders so that after a discharge you can simply flip a switch and you are ready to continue your operation with full fire protection.

KIDDE CO2  High Pressure


CO2 is the preferred choice of extinguishant for a wide variety of hazards. It is the fastest and most economical clean agent available!

CO2 provides 3-dimensional penetration of a fire, smothering it in seconds.

CO2 does not damage equipment so even sensitive electronics are not harmed when a discharge occurs.

CO2 requires little or no clean-up after a discharge. Simply ventilate the area and your operation can be up-and-running quickly with as little down time as possible.

KIDDE CO2 High Pressure  &  Low Pressure CARDOX


Stored in a large bulk CO2 tank and refrigerated to zero degrees Fahrenheit, low pressure CO2 is ideal for large or multiple hazard protection. Low pressure CO2 can be more economical and easier to maintain than numerous high pressure systems. The tank can be located outside a building and can be piped to any number of hazards. It is very versatile when you need to expand or change your fire hazards.

KIDDE CO2  Low Pressure CARDOX


Argonite is safe for use in a wide range of sensitive applications where people are present and it is electronically non-conductive.

Argonite is an environmentally acceptable clean agent that offers Zero Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP) and Zero Global Warming Potential (GWP).

Argonite produces no post fire residue. Therefore, there is no damage to protected equipment and nothing to clean up.

KIDDE  Argonite


FireTrace systems provide COST-EFFECTIVE, stand-alone automatic fire suppression for your critical equipment, systems and enclosures. FireTrace can be utilized virtually anywhere that a fire poses a risk.

FireTrace is flexible enough for virtually any industrial equipment, vehicles, storage compartment, control cabinet or remote installation.  From CNC machines to fume hoods to bus fire suppression, FireTrace is the leader in reliable fire suppression for your critical equipment.

FireTrace systems quickly detect and suppress fire, directly at the source, quickly, efficiently and automatically, with more than 50,000 FireTrace systems in use worldwide.

FIRETRACE  Mini Systems


FM-200 is the best people compatible clean agent available. Fast and powerful, it extinguishes a fire in 10 seconds or less!

FM-200 is safe for occupied spaces. It puts out the fire without any harm to occupants of a room.

FM-200 requires very little floor space as compared to other types of clean agents.

FM-200 extinguishes fires by physically removing the heat from the flame. There are NO particles or oily residues produced that could damage sensitive equipment.

FM-200 requires no clean-up after a discharge. Simply ventilate the area and your operation can be up-and-running quickly with as little down time as possible.

KIDDE  FM-200 ECS &  FM-200 ADS 

NOVEC 1230

Even a small fire in critical facilities such as data processing centers, airport control towers, telecommunications hubs, clean rooms, laboratories and computer-controlled manufacturing operations can result in catastrophic loss by interrupting vital operations and damaging high-value equipment.

In these situations, it's important that fires be knocked down quickly - before they have a chance to spread - and that sensitive electronics and other equipment NOT be damaged in the process of putting out the fire.

Unmatched by any other halogenated agent, 3M™ Novec™ 1230 Fire Protection Fluid is today's long-term solution for protecting high value assets.

Environmental Profile:

  • Non-ozone-depleting
  • Five-day atmospheric lifetime
  • Global Warming Potential of 1

3M™ Novec™ 1230 Fire Protection Fluid is a highly-efficient extinguishing agent that:

  • Is electrically non-conductive
  • Is non-corrosive
  • Rapidly vaporizes to gas during discharge
  • Leaves no residue
  • Does not damage electronics, electronic media and delicate mechanical devices
  • Can be safely used on energized equipment, helping to ensure continuity of operations during a fire emergency

KIDDE  Novec ECS  &  Novec ADS