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Automatic kitchen fire systems are required in all commercial, industrial and shared residential cooking areas. Fire code requires these systems must be inspected every six months to ensure proper functioning.

Fire in cooking areas, if not properly protected, can cause immense damage to facilities and can lead to shutting down a business to repair damage.

A properly designed and maintained system can keep you up and running, even quickly after a fire. A simple clean-up is all that is required.

These types of wet chemical systems automatically protect the cooking appliances, kitchen hood, plenum, grease filters and exhaust ducts.


Paint booths and rooms are the most common areas protected by dry chemical fire suppression.

Pre-engineered systems are available to protect small and mid-size hazards. Larger gaseous systems are used in many production oriented and clean rooms.

VANEX FIRECO has designed, installed, and serviced these types of systems from the smallest booth, to the largest industrial settings.‚Äč